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My Journey
Okay, I'm going to post the past field reports that I have on my computer. 
I started with no experience with girls and have gotten some pretty decent results from game so far. 
Here goes...

Date: - 07/01/19

Direct:      1
Indirect: 1

Three things I did well:
1. I went out for my walk
2. I asked for directions
3. I did a direct approach

Three things to improve on:
I need to do more approaches
Try to stay in conversation after asking for directions
Decrease time between approaches

I resisted going out by myself on Saturday night before meeting up with my friends, but I was determined to at least go out and ask for directions. I asked a girl who was standing and waiting for directions to the train station.

Later I saw a girl who was walking and I approached her. I went up to her and said “Hi, I thought you looked really elegant in your white coat. I just had to come over and say hello.” Then she walked with me for 1 block (~1 min) - she was meeting her friends, so I said bye and I went off to meet my friends.

Later that night I went to a happy hour with my coworkers and then we went to a bar where I did an indirect approach and got a phone number.


Direct:      0
Indirect: 6 (could be more)

Three things I did well:

- I went out (it had been a while)
- I approached many people
- I converted two indirect approaches to extended conversations

Three things to improve on:

- I need to work on doing more direct approaches
- I need to attempt to number close
- I still struggle with keeping the conversation going
- I would like to get more comfortable doing direct approaches in crowded places


I had a phone call today with Avery planned, so even though it had been a while since the last time I went and did approaches, I didn’t want to show up empty-handed to my phone call, so I had a lot of motivation to just go out.

I started by asking 2 or 3 people on campus for directions to the library, while I was walking I ran into a friend who I talked to for a bit (get the social juices flowing).

Then I went off campus a bit and asked a couple more people for directions. The third girl I talked to didn’t know the area(and she had a suitcase) so I made the joke that I shouldn’t be asking the person with a suitcase where anything is - she laughed and we got to talking: she is from China, and I used to work in China and know how to speak Chinese, so it was easy conversation.

She told me she has a husband, so didn’t go for the number. Looking back I should have gone for the number just for the practice, building the habit of always be closing! But, this was a win and was something I had never done before - transition from asking for directions to full conversation.

I continued my walk to and asked more people for directions to a nearby place to eat. Then I walked back toward campus and asked people 2 sets of people where the library is. Then I walked around for a bit and honestly I saw some girls who I wanted to approach, but I succumbed to my emotions and didn’t approach.

Then I was making another round and a pretty girl came out of an apartment building, I turned around because I wanted to approach her, but again I got in my head and didn’t do it right away, but kinda followed her…(creepy).

But then she walked between two sets of dogs who were snarling at each other and so I went up to her and said “You are really brave” and she said he was just in a hurry because she was trying to catch Pokemon.

So I actually stayed in this conversation for a while and I walked with her to see what the hype was about. At first our conversation was fun and I was challenging her and she was laughing a bit, but as I was walking with her more, I felt like the conversation grew stale (something to work on).

In the end, 2 solid conversations, but I did not attempt to number close with either. I did not do any direct approaches. This day goes down as a win for me though.

Date Report
S - fellow PhD student

Physical: yes
Pull: yes
Kiss: no
More: no

Three things I did well:
1. I was very flirty
2. I was physical and maintained close proximity with comfort
3. I maintained strong eye contact

Three things to improve on:
1. I should do more direct / indirect approaches
2. I should always go for the number close
3. I should stay in conversation longer (where were you before coming here? What are your plans afterward?)

As you can see, I was quite flirty and challenging her, and she is quite flirty herself. I kept this up on our walk to the restaurant and during our breakfast as well. One thing that I think worked well for me: while we were waiting to get in, I talked to someone who was also outside the restaurant and the three of us had a good conversation - it is good to be social.

She asked about my roommates and my living situation, so that was an easy transition to just be like, why don’t you come see my apartment? So I showed her my place and I introduced her to my roommates, who are cool and who like me, so it went well. She teased me about some of my decorations. I like that she teases back. But while we were in my room, I gave a little spiel about my research posters and then we played some hand games (open up the physical aspect) and we were actually sitting quite close to each other and had a lot of physical contact - it was exciting.

Unfortunately, I had a soccer game at 1:15 PM, so I didn’t have time to complete a full escalation, but I think this will actually be to my benefit in the future. In addition, I didn’t go for the kiss, because my time allowance wouldn’t let me escalate further. So I wrapped things up and walked her back to campus. Also on the way back to campus we walked a blind woman to the police department (I mean this is like seriously straight out of a romantic comedy movie).

In the end, it was a great breakfast date, I am excited to see her again - I will schedule a time to meet her in the evening sometime and make a move. She has already been to my place, so getting her to come back a second time shouldn’t be too difficult.

Date Report

Physical: Yes 
Pull: Yes
Kiss: Yes
More: Yes
Follow-Up Plans: No

Three things I did well:
1. Pre-planning - did the planning with Avery: wine, dinner to spend more time together and in an apartment (--> bedroom)
2. Was very funny / flirty: challenged her a lot
3. Kept strong eye contact
4. Escalated physically

Three things to improve on:
1. How to make follow up plans
2. Lead more - she suggested going back to her place for food
3. I have to be more aware of possible tests girls will put me through

Had my phone call with Avery a couple hours before the date so we went over a game plan for the night which was very helpful - it eliminated a lot of the uncertainty because I was prepared for most situations that did end up arising. 

So I met her on campus and we walked to yoga together. While we were walking there I kept the conversation light and fun and she was clearly enjoying it. Then we did the yoga which was fun and relaxing. After yoga she asked if I was hungry which I was and she said she had food at her place (who is pulling who here?). But on the way back to her place I suggested we get some wine to go with her food and upon finding out her food was hummus and pita bread, I made a stop at a pizza place haha. 

We got the wine and continued to her place. We ate food together and I kept the conversation light and fun and we explored her apartment. I keep trying to get her to come to a dance event with me and she keeps dodging, but then I got her to dance a little with me in her living room, made strong eye contact and went in the for the kill. We made out for a while in her living room and then moved to the bedroom. 

I am very attracted to this girl, but I have to admit the sex was not great - can’t tell if I was too nervous, she was definitely nervous. Hopefully, it will be better next time. Also, she was surprised that I had condoms with me and she thought I had planned this. Not sure how to respond to this - perhaps, “Didn’t plan anything, just hoped.” But the way I actually responded was to ask her if she planned it and she didn’t seem to like that. I think this is in line with the idea that girls don’t like to think that sex is planned, it just happens. 

I spent the night at her place and in the morning, we talked for a while and then I went home and prepared for work. Perhaps, in this context I don’t need to make plans to see her again because our offices are close and we generally see each other on campus and I have seen her several times after this, but what is a good strategy to make plans to see each other again? Obviously, I want to be specific, but maybe this would be good to go over in the future - I don’t just want to leave this to chance (if it happens, it happens). There is some chance, but if I like a girl I at least want to do my part to make it happen more easily. 
Awesome stuff. Cool to hear abotu someone taking action and getting results. More, please.
Thanks for sharing!
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