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Are opinion openers any good?
I was just reading the Mystery Method and I have to say, the theory behind opinion openers is really compelling. It makes a lot of sense. 
HOWEVER, most of the opinion openers I've read seemed pretty cheesy (the "drug dealer" open looks decent, however.) 
Have you had any success with opinion openers, or are they overrated? 
If you have had success with opinion openers, which ones?
The theory behind opinion openers is sound, however, there are two problems:
1. As you said, they can be cheesy.
2. Opinion openers are a tool that is only useful in certain situations.

Opinion openers are great for dealing with tight-knit groups that have both men and women in them. If you see a group of two guys and two girls who are engaging each other and you just tell one of the girls she's cute, it's very likely that the guys aren't going to appreciate that and you'll get blown out.

However, if you used an opinion opener you can get the group to accept you and from there, you can possibly make something happen with one of the girls.

So, in a situation where a direct approach would get a bad reaction, opinion openers are useful. But when approaching two girls, or a large group of girls, or a girl who's with a guy but you can tell she's not into him, opinion openers aren't necessary.

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