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Pick Up Reports
'm going to start logging my results with pick up again.

These updates are going to be very to the point.

At the moment I am only doing daygame.

I live on the edge of my city and also work in the middle of my city so my logistics are awesome.

I mostly just pick up girls as I'm going about my life, most of the time solo, although I'm always open to chilling with guys.

Feel free to comment.


On Saturday I spot a slinky looking English/Asian girl in a clothes shop who catches my attention. I calibrate myself and she starts to leave up the escalator. I decide I'm going to make an approach. I wait until we're outside and then notice it's raining. She continues to walk and I can see that she's heading to walk under an area that's sheltered.

I realize that I can make a good approach in that moment, so I move around and stop her, and give her a direct compliment, I then move on to explaining how her white heels make her ass look sexy. She gets engaged rather quickly and I run a bit of charm, she brings up that she's kind of taken, I tell her that I am too. I tell her I live in the city and that I wouldn't mind meeting her one night if she's up for it. She goes for it and I take her number, tell her I'll text her, and move on my way.

I then spot another girl in the shopping mall. Who also happens to have a nice ass (get used to this). I calibrate another approach, direct as usual, and find out that she's at uni. After a bit of back and forth I feel she's not massively interested. She goes to leave and I go for the number, all to no avail. I move on to the next.

I approach a few more girls, with only one immediate blow out, the rest all hook, I go through a few girls that aren't interested and get a few more numbers.

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