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The Story Of SJay
I've been aware of the community for years now, and I figured now is the best time to throw my hat into the game for posterity [Image: icon_razz.gif]

To tell you a bit about myself, I'm an 5'10 Asian male, mid-20's, with a laycount around 30. I was a late bloomer, lost my v-card at 21 and have had two serious relationships lasting about a year each between then. Pretty good looking, in-shape. I got back into the game after ending a serious relationship that went nowhere, I just don't feel like I'm tapping into my full potential and it's driving me crazy.

I've read all the big PUA books, Style's academy courses, and recently been keeping up with ToddV (formerly RSD). I usually work approaches into in my Daygame, at least 3 sets when I go to the gym, then I go out on Fridays and Saturdays.

My biggest sticking points are escalating and the general feeling like I don't actually deserve these girls (imposter syndrome)...idk this is week two of going all in with the PUA lifestyle, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

HB7 Health Food Store
She was studying on a table near the entrance, as I walked out I opened. It went well, we chatted a bit, she was cramming for a exam that she was heading over to. Logistics weren't on my side, I built as much value as I could for the next 3-4 min, then I went for a # close, she said, "not to strangers" even after agreeing for coffee at a later time. She gave me this blushed, hungry look as I said "I guess we'll just be two trains that pass in the night then". I think I should've stayed longer and went for the # close again instead of ejecting. Usually I tend to walk after a NO to a # close, but I should try taking two steps back and building value again to go for another close.

HB9 Grocery Store
Blown out on the open. She was heading out of the store, I was going in. Wasn't ready for it, but fuck it

"HEY! You've got this cute and adorable thing going on and I had to-"


"I said, You've got this cute and adora-"


<Aw shit, this is fucked>

"Just hold on <deep breath>. I'm SJay, who are you?"

<she shakes my hand, and quickly shifts to rejection body language>

"You are probably the cutest thing I've seen in the last few hours.. and I should probably get to know you."

"blah blah blah you scared me and I'm headed to by BF place"

"Ah, I don't mind a little competition"

"Trust me, it's not"

EJECTED. This one made me laugh

There was a turning point during the open when she was all flustered/confused, and I didn't handle it right. I didn't get her attention and properly manage the whole flustered, scared bit in a self-amusing way- it could've been an opportunity to demonstrate value. Honestly, I didn't get a good look at her on the way up and when she turned to me, I was a little intimidated, I wasn't expecting a 9. "Beauty is a shit test"

HB6.5 Online
Not sure if this counts, but if you're working on your online game, maybe you'll find it useful.

Used canned lines on the # close from the dating app. 15 minute phone convo a few hours later. I did something different and treated the phone convo like a live set. I followed the (open, premise, evaluation, narrative, close) model during the talk and made solid plans for a rendezvous a couple days later. She was really receptive afterwards, and we chatted a bit over text after we got off the phone. I think this works well, since you don't build any kind of value off the dating app, it's better just to treat it like a new set rather than to assume an familiarity.

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