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Can Game Make You Happier?
I recently read "The Game" by Neil Strauss and although it was a very inspiring story. It made me wonder, can game really improve your life? The book seemed to be about broken people creating drama with each other and even though they were getting laid, I didn't get an overarching sense of happiness or fulfillment.

So, is game just going to ultimately be a net-negative that makes life more dramatic, or can it really improve your life?
Getting good at "game" is probably the most effective way to either get a girlfriend or to hookup with girls in a casual way.  I think a lot of people view game as a way to connect with women at a shallow level, i.e. just enough to get them to sleep with you.  And there's this idea that if you connect with girls only at this level, you won't be satisfied, and you'll feel empty rather than unfulfilled.  

I tend to disagree with the idea that "game" can't make you happy.  For one thing, "game" or the "seduction techniques" that you learn and improve as you get better at game are the same techniques that you would use to attract a girlfriend.  "Game" isn't about faking who you are just long enough to get a girl to sleep with you, it's about developing an understanding of psychology so that you can attract the girls that you're interested in -- and get them to sleep with you.  Whether you decide to take things further the morning after is up to you.  If you think it's shallow to sleep with a lot of women, then use game to sleep with one woman, the one you're actually interested in.

That said, I think I disagree with the notion that sleeping with a lot of women is inherently shallow.  If that's all your life revolves around, then, yeah, you either need to reexamine your priorities or you're just a very one-dimensional person.  But there's no denying that having an active and exciting sexual and romantic life would be an improvement in a lot of men's lives.

Does game make you happier?  I think having a romantic and sexual life that you're is one of the key components of a happy life.  Getting good at game helps you to get there.  And that's all there is to it.

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