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Structured Pickup Program?
I'm interested in a pickup product or book that is very structured. I purchase RSD Tyler's Hotseat@home and it has a series of weekly missions that you're supposed to do which is great, only problem is the missions are ridiculous. 

Like, on the first week you're supposed to do 10 approaches a day while speaking with passion and authority and free-associating at the same time. I thought it was too much, and I asked other people in the product's group and they didn't complete the challenges either.

So, I want something like those challenges but just more realistic.
Todd V's program, The System has a pretty well structured multiple week challenge.
The Tria: Transform Your Dating Life In 8 Weeks by Avery Hayden is basically what you're looking for. 8 weekly challenges that start easy enough that anyone could do them, but they progressively get more difficult.

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