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Daygame or nightgame?
Which have you gotten better results from and why? 

I can see the potential pros and cons to both, but I'm not sure which I should focus on.
I think daygame tends to favor low-key guys, whereas night game favors high-energy jock types. I'm a fairly nerdy-looking Asian guy, and I've had a lot more success with daygame than night game, including a couple of same-day lays and several second-day lays.

That said, daygame venues are few and far between in the U.S. For daygame, you need a high-traffic public area, which just doesn't exist in most American cities. There's this video where Avery says that the best venue for daygame in a lot of U.S. cities is a college campus. I think in a lot of cities, it's probably the only venue.

I would say if you want to decide which to focus on, watch infields of daygame and night game and see which looks more appealing or which looks more consonant with your personality as it is right now.
Agree with the guy above me. I prefer nightclubs because I’m very extroverted and ‘in your face’ so my style works well at nightclubs. In the day I can be a little intimidating to girls.

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