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The Best Pickup Products (In my opinion)
I'm someone who has consumed a lot of pickup content over the years (probably too much).

Free videos can be useful, but most guys need something structured and complete - I've purchased  lot of products, and here are the ones I think are most useful. 

Pimp by RSD Julien.

Pimp by itself is a pretty complete product. It covers a complete structure for game including how to make your 'vibe' attractive, how to run your nights out (The tempo of the night), how to open, hook, close, etc. It's the best outer game product that also has some great inner game.

Only thing it's missing is a challenge module where you have weekly missions.

The System by Todd

I don't totally agree with Todd's structure in the System, I think it's a bit too mechanical and watching his infields he does sometimes create a lot of friction by being too 'gamey'. However, it is a structure that works well enough and it's important that your interactions have certain elements to them. 

The System has a lot of content, lot of infield, and a weekly challenge that you can follow through to the end to get some very practical, measurable results. I think it would be best to watch Julien's product for the structure and The System for the weekly challenges, but The System isn't bad by any means.

The Natural By RSD Max

The natural is very simple and also very comprehensive (it has the longest runtime of any product I've ever seen).
Sometimes, Max takes too long to explain his concepts (hour long videos could be half that long and still have the important ideas). However, there's just so much, it's so complete and it has over 10 hours of infield breakdowns.

And Max's infield is probbly my favorite because his game is really solid while also not being crazy. Julien has great game, but not everyone is going to resonate with his crazy lines, Max keeps it simple and shows you that you can pickup girls by basically just being  cool guy and having a few strategies for things like pulling.

The Five Principles of Natural Seduction by James Marshall

This product is fairly short (only a few hours) but it's very hard-hitting content that gets straight to the heart of what matters. It focuses on the 20% of ideas that will get you 80% of your results. Not as much structure here but that's kind of the whole idea here is that you don't need an elaborate structure you just need to embody these principles to be attractive to women and the rest doesn't need to be complicated.

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