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Meet a girl at a cafe and lay her on the first date
Since my job has flexible hours, I'm able to take long lunch breaks, and I've been going to the university near my work to do daygame.  A bit of background: I lived in Europe for a few years and got into game over there, so I'm a lot more comfortable with daygame than night game.  Still, I had't been approaching much until the beginning of this school year, when I was like, I need to take some action.

I set myself a challenge to talk to a certain number of girls each day, and I've been ramping up the nature of the interactions weekly (first week doing indirect approaches, second week starting to make direct approaches, etc.).  So far, I'm in my third week.

During my second week out, on a Wednesday, I set myself the goal to make three approaches.  The first was a transfer student named Trinity who I met in a line for free food and ended up inviting to eat with me since I could tell she was alone.  The second was a girl I'd talked to the week before (and who I sat down to eat lunch with).  After those two approaches, for some reason, I felt like I lost my momentum and started getting approach anxiety.

I walked around campus for a third girl to approach, but couldn't find one I was comfortable going up to.  I stepped into a cafe and found a girl sitting by herself, and I forced myself to say something direct:  "Hey, you look really cute in those pants."  (they were corduroy, haha)

She laughed and told me thanks and then we started talking about school.  I found out she was an English major and I told her that I was a master's student (not the truth, but having this as a cover story is the least creepy way to approach on a college campus).  Overall, I thought the interaction was too friendly, but I was like whatever, I got my approaches in for the day, and I did manage to get the girl's number (without setting up a date).  

Now, a couple of days later on Friday, I get a text from the girl, Abbey:  "Hey! Wanna grab a bite to eat or something tomorrow night if you're free?" (quoting verbatim)

I was like, "I'd definitely be down for that," and we arranged to meet at this Thai restaurant near my house.  We had dinner, and she told me that she had been impressed that I had just come up to her and started talking to her.  I hadn't thought that I was being direct enough!, but apparently that didn't matter because she'd understood that I was actually hitting on her.  

I told her I needed to drop off the leftovers at my place, so we walked to my house (about 10 minute walk away -- great logistics), and then we just hung out and listened to music and talked.  I didn't try to ratchet up the tension or anything because I could tell that she liked me, and I just needed the right time to make the move.  When a lull in the conversation hit, I turned to kiss her, and practically jumped on me.  We started making out, and she was ready to go!  She took off my shirt and then went to take off my pants and started sucking my dick.  I grabbed her and took her to my bedroom and, well, you know where things went from there Wink

This is my first time gaming on a college campus in the US (I'm american, but didn't get into game until after I went to grad school in Europe), and it's been really eye-opening how easy it is to approach girls on campus.  College girls are willing to meet new people and they're primed for a hookup, and there's so many shots you can take when you're on a campus.

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