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Three Makeouts within 20 minutes
After leaving an engagement party early Friday evening, me (M24) and four friends shot down to our favorite bars in Hoboken. My energy was pretty low due to the hours I worked this week. Typical I aim for places with good music and larger dance floors to heighten my mental state and get in more of a flow for game.

I highly recommend if you’re someone who loves dancing, as soon as you hear the music, whether that’s in the bar or even in line for the bar. START MOVING. Dance your way into the bar, have some life in your step. Every time I’ve ever done this, eyes lock onto me from all angles of the room. Whether it’s judgmental or not, keep going. It’s for you, not them. Just like that, you’ve established yourself visually in the room. I dance myself to the bar and here’s what comes next...

1st interaction:

I’m at the bar and the male bartender starts to take my order. Suddenly the female bartender (HB8) cuts in front of him to grab my hand and take my order. Obviously this is a woman who’s good at her job so I play along, order and go on my way. As I turn around, another blonde (HB6) has apparently seen that exchange and makes direct eye contact. I immediately open her with a handshake and ask:

Me: “you any good at dancing?” (Forces validation)

Her : (laughing) “I don’t think I’m that good but I like it”

Me: “I’ll work with it” (arm around the shoulder to start escalating kino)

Forty-five seconds into dancing I ask her name and since I have awful hearing (years of construction) i use it as an excuse to bring my head closer to the girls, making them speak directly into my ear. The personal space barrier is broken, which means when she then asks me a question I can respond in kind. Dancing continues, I isolate her to a corner and after asking her one more question I look directly into her eyes, and guide her answer directly into my mouth....make-out K close. Follow up with number close, then she asks for my Snapchat. We dance for another minute and then I tell her I have to go to my friends. I kiss her goodbye and thus begin my night. (approximately 12:50 am)

Interaction 2

I truly believe that you can use a successful approach to catapult you into the next. The next girl, a brunette (HB7) saw the entire thing happen. So she’s probably thinking I’m gonna go about my business and not approach despite eye contact. For the sake of not being too wordy here’s how it went down while still on the dance floor

1- smile and extends hand out to her
2- playful spin into a side hug (bachata moves work phenomenally)
3- bring her to the rear dance floor, kino is established and close dancing (frontal grinding, which sounds creepy typing it) starts.
4- deep eye contact... make-out.

I said NOTHING to this woman. Physical presence speaks more than words ever can. In a dance club or bar setting. The music reaches you, you get that energy and transfer it to her. I don’t like saying something is full proof. I’d still like to improve on this myself. But the success rate has been high. I dance for a tad longer and guide her back to her friends after getting her number. ( 1:00 am)

Interaction 3:

I link up with one of my boys who sees two beautiful Hispanic girls dancing together. He chooses one and leaves me the other. (HB8) Now....when I say this was the fastest make-out of my was.

This girl looks at me, throws her ass back on me and once she realized I have some rhythm... it was on. Instant make-out mid dance. I lead her to the couch on the side when things get hot. She sits on top of me and literally starts begging me “show me what you’ve got”. So I did. Playful bites, hands exploring, neck kisses. She starts moaning in my ear. Typically this amount of passion with the bar closing in an hour screams F- close but my logistics were crap this particular night. So I number close and make-out some more. Then I say my goodbye and leave when I see my wasted female (pregamed) friend get dragged out the bar by my male friends ( 1:10 am)

Here’s my takeaways from the night:

1: dancing is an infectious morale boost when you truly do it to have fun in your own space. Practice at home by yourself or just get used to having music playing and moving to it.
2: minimal alcohol to keep you light on your feet
3: approach with energy and allow the dancing to create the opportunity for kino and escalation
4: break the personal space
5 (and most possibly the most important) : don’t look for fun... BE THE FUN. Be the party and bring it to her.

Also....have your logistics straight. Which is my area for growth for the next night out.

Obviously my timing of these events are an estimation, but they did indeed happen in rather rapid succession, about 10 feet away from each other. I’ll take it. Each girl has been in contact with me today. The process works

Keep in mind, I’m still learning a lot myself and my next comfort zone to shatter is day game...I always have a goal in mind no matter the “success”.

Hopefully this was an interesting delve into my night. Feel free to ask questions for details or even healthy criticisms. I look forward to sharing more on here in the future.

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