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Why You Need "Scripted Game"
Look, if everything you say to a girl is memorized, it'll probably come across as stilted and mechanical.

But if nothing you say to a girl is scripted, your interactions will have no sense of direction, they will essentially be random. And unless you've been getting laid consistently for years, random means they're not going to lead to sex.

So, having certain 'scripts' is extremely important.

There are certain waypoints in any pickup that you need to know how to deal with: if you don't, you're not getting laid.

Here are a few examples:

The open: 

having a canned line to start a conversation with means that when you see a hot girl, you can't tell yourself, "I would approach, but I don't know what to say." You can also start yourHinteraction on the right note with a good canned line. 

My favorite for nightgame is the old-school, "Do I look like a drug dealer?" (you can Google to find the whole thing) because it's a fun conversation starter that is breaching topics that are emotionally charged (drugs, partying, etc.) without coming across as too tryhard or risking being offensive. 

Coming up with openers on the spot is good if you can do it. But when you can't think of something clever, you need to have a canned line to fall back on. 


At some point in an interaction the girl needs to feel that it is a sexual interaction (rather than purely friendly). If she doesn't feel that, there's no reason for her to eventually go home with you or to go on a date with you. 

I'm choosing the word feel very carefully - she should feel the interaction is sexual, but she shouldn't necessarily know it on a logical level. I'm not saying you need to tell the girl she's attractive or that you need to make some overt sexual comments, rather I'm saying that she should feel that if she were to get in a room alone with you, you would make a move. 

The best way to do this is subtly, through insinuative language. I.E. teasing a girl, or implying that she lost interest in you implies the interaction is sexual. This is counterintuitive, but it works because even though the implication is that you're rejecting the girl, you only need to reject her if the interaction is sexual in the first place.

Teasing a girl can be as simple as saying, "You would be from California." Or replying to her anecdote with an, "Interesting." (In a sarcastic tone). Or if she hands you her drink you might say, "Are you trying to roofie me?" 

You can suggest that you're not interested in a girl by saying she's like the sister you never had or saying that you thought she was cute until... (she said her age, or you learned she was from x country or that she likes y show). 

Teasing and showing disinterest are the best ways to show intent because they create a  sexual context but one in which she is chasing you. If you show intent more directly it is implied that you are chasing her, she is the prize that you are trying to win rather than vice versa. 

You need to know whether a girl is able to go home with you that same day, and to get an idea of what obstacles there might be. The simplest way to do this is to ask what she's doing later or to mention something you're doing later and suggest that she join you. I.E. "I'm hungry, we should get some food later." (If she seems interested, that's a green light, if she says she can't, that means it's unlikely you can make something happen).

If you ask what a girl is doing later and she has plans that can't be changed, you know that you should just get her number. If she makes herself available, you know you can possibly make something happen. 

At that point you want to get more of her logistics over time by finding out where she lives, how she got to the venue (did she drive or take an uber), what her plans are the next day, and who she's with. Knowing this will allow you to decide whether you should go for the pull or just make plans for a date later. 

The Pull: 
Pulling won't happen by itself. You don't need an elaborate plan but you do need an excuse to bring the girl back home with you. Ideally you bring this up earlier in the conversation and then bring it up again later when you're ready to pull (known as seeding the pull). So, the above example of saying you should get some food yesterday is planting the seed of the idea that you and her might get food later. Then, you can bring it up again by saying, "Let's get some food" Then if she says, "Okay, what do you want?" You can follow up with, "I'm a pretty good cook, I'll make you some X." 

You could do the same with drinking: bring up the idea that you want to drink and then offer a specific plan to get a drink at your place later. You can also do this with a TV show/movie or an activity (like doing something with your dog). 

Scripted game has a bad reputation because back in the day a lot of the stuff guys in the pickup community were doing was pretty cringey. The community went in the opposite direction but they neglected to see that the problem isn't everything about scripted game, it's how you implement it. 

If you use weird DHV stories, that probably won't help you get girls, however, having a plan and having specific things you've memorized that will help you execute that is very important if you want to get results. Completely scripted game is robotic. Completely unscripted game turns into meandering. There's a middle ground in which you have a general outline of the things you want to accomplish and how you can do so that is far more effective than either alternative.

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