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The Three Most Important Concepts You've Come Across
What are the three most paradigm-shifting, life-changing pickup concepts you've come across?

For me it has to be:

Playing To Win: (I.E. doing everything in your power to get the result you want rather than half-assing it which is what most guys do. So, if you have to approach 30 girls in a night, do it. If you think you have an opportunity to pull, go for it even if you're uncertain). 

Self-amusement: This one is going to be somewhat controversial because people see self-amusement as acting like a weird clown who doesn't have social intelligence. But I see self-amusement as making your own fun rather than relying on others, and when you are in this state, you can do things that would otherwise be totally impossible - it gives you this magnetism that people find extremely attractive (socially and sexually).

Intent: intent doesn't mean telling a girl you like her necessarily, it means that in your own mind and body, you accept and embrace the fact that you are a sexual being and you are okay with expressing that desire to women. Once I started showing intent, my results really changed - I used to think being sexual was automatically creepy but it turns out to be very attractive if you do it right. I think a lot of guys end up with shit dating lives largely because they don't know how to (or are too afraid to) show sexual intent.

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