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An approach
Hey guys, first time posting in this forum. I made an approach and I was wondering how it can be better. I guess
I am at a stage realizing that everything is temporary, and the chicks you see today, you won't see them so its better getting rejected rather than regretting later on, and its always best to capitalize your chances right now because you never know if you'll have the same chances tomorrow as you do today.

So I had an interaction with a girl at a gym. Felt very nauseous talking to her because of nervousness and not being sure if this is real or not. She looked like those barbie dolls, and super smiley which made it even harder to not be anxious. So I walked up to her, and said that I wanted to say hi. She said thats nice, but my mind was super fluttered with emotions so I just thought of backing off, but as I wanted to back off, she gave me a look like maybe you want to say something else. So we kind of talked and then started talking about majors. Told me that her boyfriend is doing something similar to a major I am doing. Anyways as I was super anxious, I decided to hit it off from this point since I achieved my goal of approaching and I wasn't after the number in the first place and I got surprised by her bringing her bf into the conversation. I thought of going for a number as an extra mile but I wasn't mentally ready and thought I missed that point.

- why did she bring her bf into the convo and how can I make it less awkward going for the number ?
-Would you approach girls with shaven heads just for the fun of it ?
-How can I be less anxious and stop that anxiety making me very rigid ?
-Was I creepy ? RSDMax talks about creepiness, but approaching girls is creepy ? Yet Julien manages to do it despite the creepiness, who should I believe ?

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