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My Field Reports
Hi, somebody suggested that I post field reports so I'm gonna try doing that regularly.
Yesterday on my first daygame session I approaches 3 girls. Was talking too fast, caring too much, and going into interview mode. Also, I wasn't smiling which made the interactions a bit non-fun.

Today I approached 2 girls and it went way better than yesterday. My main focus was to smile, maintain strong eye contact, and not go into interview mode.
Girl 1: approached the girl with a grin and she immediately responded with a smile back. Told her she looked nice (standard intro) and she started giggling. She immediately told me she has a boyfriend and wouldn't want to give me a bad impression. I told her that's okay and in that case she can take it as a compliment. Wished her a nice day. Cool thing is, after I wished her a nice day she stretched out her hand to give me a handshake as I left. I didn't even initiate that so that was quite fun. Takeaways: happy with my smile and energy. Way better than yesterday. However, when she told me she has a bf I immediately ejected since its not worth the effort. 


Girl 2:She was unlocking her bicycle ready to leave. Stopped her, same intro. Told her she looked elegant and that she looked like someone studying something formal (law etc). Had a 5 min conversation where I made strong eye contact and kept a slight grin. Asked very few standard questions and got the conversation going based on assumptions instead. She told me she doesnt like blood in movies (somehow we got talking about that) so I said we wouldnt be watching Saw on our first date. I was quite happy with this as I think it made my intentions clear. (Thoughts? Too direct?) After 5 mins or so of talking she told me she never gets approached like this and loved the interaction but that she has a boyfriend. Similar to last one, I told her that unfortunately our love story ends her and we cant tell our future children we met in front of a shitty supermarket.

Takeaways: Since she seemed to respond well I probably could have asked if she has any single friends who are interested in a tall brown nerd like myself (in a playful way). Instead, I ended the conversation. In this case I probably should have tried something. 


Overall thoughts: happy with the session. I am a bit disappointed because I set out a goal to approach 10 girls and only managed 2. I noticed a lot of girls I found cute walk in groups/duos and I dont approach them. I only have 5 approaches under my belt so this might be something I can do when Im more experienced. It does however limit me a ton because I dont find that many girls cute that happen to walk alone. 

Thoughts/tips on this problem?

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